• Basus Clinic


    Care, Cure, Comfort

    Basus Clinic
  • Basus Clinic


    A multispecialty Nursing Home with 3 well equipped Operation Theatres, Special Care Ward & a Padiatric Care Unit

    Basus Clinic
  • Reception


    The 24 hours Help Desk

  • Visitors Lounge


    Visitors Lounge
  • Diagnostics Reception


    The Diagnostic Centre with Radiological & Pathological Diagnostic Support

    Diagnostics Reception
  • Ultra Sonography


    The Ultrasonography Department

    Ultra Sonography
  • X-Ray


    The X-Ray Department

  • Pathology Unit


    The Pathological Laboratory with all modern equipments

    Pathology Unit
  • Pathology Laboratory


    The Pathological Laboratory with all modern equipments

    Pathology Laboratory
  • Outdoor Patients Department


    Access to some of the best known Specialist Doctors in town

    Outdoor Patients Department
  • Dr. A. K. Basu


    The Founder of Basus Clinic & Chairman, Basus Clinic Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., at his Chamber

    Dr. A. K. Basu



The Indoor Patients Department of the Clinic is a 40 bedded facility and provides access to three well equipped opetation theatres [O.T.], a Special Care Ward, a Delivery Management Unit and a Paediatric Care Unit.


The Outdoor Patients Department of the Clinic is a specialty clinic consisting of 6 Chambers and provides access to some of the city’s best and most respected Specialist Doctors in the fields of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Surgery, Medicine, Cardiology, Orthopaedics, etc.


The Diagnostics Division consists of a well equipped Pathological Laboratory, X-Ray and ultra-sonography equipments.



  • 3 well equipped Operation Theatres

  • Laprascopic Surgery

  • C-Arm

  • 6 bedded Special Care Ward: Well equipped with a Ventilator, continuous Cardiac Monitors, Pulse Oxymeter, ABG, etc

  • Delivery Management Room

  • Continuous Foetal Heart Rate Monitor

  • Padiatric Care Unit: Well equipped with Photo therapy, Pulse oxymeter, etc

  • Pathology: The Pathological Unit has been established and is a well equipped laboratory conducting various Haemotology, Bio chemistry, Clinical pathology and Histo pathology tests

  • X-ray: The X-ray facility has been set up under the Radiology Unit of Basus Clinic within the premises at Collegepara, Siliguri

  • Ultra-Sonography [USG] / Color Doppler / Echo-cardiography: The USG is under a Radiology Unit and has been installed and is being managed/run within the premises at Collegepara, Siliguri

  • ECG

  • 4 Chamber Outdoor Patient Department
  • Pharmacy:The 24-hours Pharmacy is has been established and is being managed/run by a firm under the name & style of MEDICINE BOOTH within the premises at Collegepara, Siliguri

  • 24-hours RMO

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